Spoken English

Our Spoken English courses teach all the skills you need to be highly competent in the English language. They are structured to improve your overall English competency across the four skills - speaking, listening, reading and writing.

Key Features Of The Course

  • We make sure all your skills are developed to a high level and we continuously check that you are improving well.
  • Unique pronunciation teaching method, only available at BRZEE
  • Intensive speaking training
  • Personalised diagnosis of your speaking problems
  • Builds con?dence & ?uency
  • Smaller class sizes for personal attention
  • Builds vocabulary for everyday situations
  • Improves listening
  • Use of mouth model to clearly demonstrate corrections needed
  • Intensive error correction & strong training in self-correction techniques

Topics Covered

  • Personalised diagnosis of your speaking problems
  • Grammar
  • Simple & Complex Sentence Making
  • Speaking and Fluency Skills
  • Vocabulary, Idioms & Phrases
  • Pronunciation Correction
  • Reading, Writing and Listening Skills
  • Art of Effective Communication


  • Extempore Speaking
  • Pronunciation-Error Correction & Practice
  • Vocabulary- Introduction & Practice
  • Group discussions
  • Presentation on various topics
  • Discussion on current affairs
  • Role-plays
  • 'Describe An Image' exercise
  • Listening exercises
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