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BRZEE Academy helps you to get Visas whether temporary or permanent residency. Most candidates shy away from migration because it takes a little longer than the other options. They do not realize is that this process is the easiest, simplest & best way to enter a country. You are treated at par with the local citizen; you avail all benefits as well as privileges. And you get a strong steady foothold in the country. After spending three years in the country, you automatically become eligible for citizenship and passport.

Canada as the most preferred choice

The Canadian Government has the most liberal immigration policy to achieve their social and economic goals and offer temporary as well as permanent residency visas to applicants all over the world.

Security and Freedom after becoming a citizen:

  • Enjoy all the benefits equal to a citizen.
  • Can work anywhere and in any sector preferred by anyone.
  • Can travel to US without any additional visa.
  • Sponsor family members, relatives to migrate.
  • Can access 153 countries without visa (as visa is on arrival) after becoming Citizen.
  • Canada offers dual citizenship programmes so you will not lose your Indian citizenship.

Health and Social Benefits:

  • Free health treatments with a cheaper insurance for health coverage.
  • Offers security payments and assistance to students, parents, families, retirees, unemployed and for the physically handicapped.

Key requirement to migrate into Canada:

Besides the great pay and job opportunities another benefit you will get when working in Canada is the great work environment. Strong Economy: Everybody talks about global finance crisis, a lot of countries suffer from it, but Canada remained relatively untouched by these negative effects. This country promises:

  • Good quality of life and excellent life style.
  • Great career opportunities.
  • Excellent Weather.
  • Warm and friendly people and multicultural society.
  • Top quality education opportunities.
  • Open work permit, multiple entry and family visa.
  • Can travel to most countries including USA, UK, and Australia without Visa after citizenship.

Facts about Canadian visa:

  • PR helps you to become a citizen after 3 years.
  • PR holders can be sponsored by relatives who are based on the residence criteria.
  • PR holders who are born inside Canada are considered as the Canadian citizens from birth itself.

Benefits of Canadian Permanent Residency:

  • Multiple Entry Visa (initially granted for 5 years)
  • It's a family visa - spouse and children also gets Permanent Residency
  • Spouse can work full time
  • Free education for your children below 18 years
  • Medical Benefits for the entire family
  • Can be eligible for Citizenship after 3 years of stay
  • Work and Settle in US without applying for a Visa
  • Work anywhere and in any sector interested

Minimum Requirement:

  • Should be Graduate / Diploma, P.G Degree / PhD.
  • Point based system should get at least 67 points.
  • Minimum 2 years of experience in relevant field (depend on case to case).
  • Occupation should fall under the Demand list (O,A,B NOC list).
  • English Proficiency : IELTS General Training (Score depends on your profile).

Process Flow:

Our immigration agent will work on your profile, who will review and provide you with the customized checklist of documents:

  • Submission of the required documents in formats
  • File all documents in required formats specified by WES.
  • Fill in the application with Education Credential Assessment.
  • Please find the process flow for Canada PR process.

After Registering with us for Full services there are 3 stages to get the visa for Canada:

  • Education Credential Assessment: you will get the report in 30 Working Days.
  • EOI: Expression of Interest, submit all your supportive documents online.
  • Final visa registration: Once you will get the ITA Invitation letter to apply which will be 3 to 4 months.
  • EDUCATION CREDENTIAL ASSESSMENT: In ECA process, you will have to submit all your educational documents which would assess by skill assessing body i.e. WES. The process time to get a ECA result is 30 working days minimum.
  • EXPRESSION OF INTEREST: Once ECA result is approved, you need to get the required IELTS scores mentioned in your PRR report , then we Launch Expression of Interest {EOI}, where you need to prove that you are a highly skilled Migrant ,your profile is falling under the shortage skill requirements.
  • Application moves into the pool, from the pool it will be picked up by the Province or by the Canadian Government.
  • Once picked up by a particular Province or by Canadian Govt. you will receive a sponsorship letter which is an Invitation to Apply {ITA}.
  • VISA APPLICATION: Launch the Visa {PR} Application for your complete family including Spouse & Children to CIC along with a fee of 550 CAD {Primary Applicant} + 550 CAD {Dependent Applicant} + 150 CAD {Each Child} + 490 CAD (PR Landing Taxes for Primary Applicant) + 490 CAD (PR Landing Taxes for Dependent Applicant). Children below 18 are exempted of PR Landing taxes.
  • Upon submitting your application at CIC the verification of documents would be done post which you will have to submit your Medicals and PCC. Once all documents are verified, your Visa is granted.
  • Whole process duration it takes around 8 months to 12 months of time.

BRZEE Academy Services:-

  • Gather relevant information to serve you on timely basis.
  • We handle when to apply, how to apply. If going on student visa which course and university to choose for gaining PR.
  • Filling the form correctly and as required.
  • Check listing that all documents required for smooth processing of your application.

Remember, we are here with you from the start till end to ensure that your Overseas Career is Successful, Smooth and Very Easy.

Why should you ignore this opportunity - Meet us at once and we will tell you! We are sure that you will never say no to BRZEE Academy.

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